Our program intentionally provides opportunities and activities based upon the Early Years Learning Framework, for your child to discover and pursue their own interests and strengths. We encourage children to laugh, think, question and learn. Their sense of self and confidence grows as they make connections with each other, and build warm, trusting relationships with our team.

We strive to create a program which truly reflects the lives of our children, family and community by recognizing the impact which culture plays on families, and to build strong partnerships with all families and the community.

We are committed to implementing a play-based learning program with ‘teachable moments’ which enable each child to learn and develop to the highest standard.  Throughout this learning program children will be able to develop: a strong sense of identity, be connected with and contribute to their world, have a strong sense of wellbeing, be confident and involved learners, and be effective communicators.

Program features

A high-quality program underpinned by the Australian Government National Quality Framework and designed and delivered by qualified teachers.

Qualified teachers who are passionate about learning outcomes for children. They take a personalised approach to a child’s learning based on the specific needs and interests of each child.

Evidence-based learning on well-researched learning experiences and complements the Early Years Learning Framework.

Stimulating learning environments through a variety of learning spaces, both indoors and outdoors, to encourage children’s creativity and exploration.

Play-based learning children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn, explore, discover, negotiate, take risks, create meaning and solve problems.                                        


Babies Program

Our babies room provides a warm, safe environment for your baby to learn and grow. It’s well-resourced with caring and gentle educators who develop nurturing relationships with your baby, so they develop trust and a sense of belonging. We recognise the importance of maintaining your home routine to ensure your baby’s daily transition into our care is as smooth as possible, so we’re able personalise care and routine accordingly.


We know that this is a very precious age and we want to come alongside you and work towards developmental milestones, healthy attachments, and a strong home-entre partnership. Our staff is handpicked for their natural ability to care for young infants, and their passion for this age group. We provide hands on sensory activities to promote learning, as well as a variety of toys and materials to develop small and large motor development, language, and social understanding.


We recognise and embrace the primary role parents play in their child’s life, and work collaboratively with you to ensure proper routines are developed. Because of this, we are able to create a feeling of predictability and security for your children, and with that comes a sense of belonging and connection..


Toddler Program

As a toddler, children are opening up to new challenges as their communication skills expand and they learn to concentrate, experiment and play. Our educators support this magical phase through a program of play-based learning activities to help them explore their own interests and strengths.  The environment is designed around the toddler’s emerging sense of identity. It’s a space where they can feel safe and supported. We provide a variety of interesting resources that are familiar to the children, so they can experiment and make sense of their immediate world.


The toddlers are offered unstructured play time each morning in order to allow them to enter the group at their own pace before moving into the day. We offer daily scheduled activities such as art, music, physical activities, dramatic play and story time in our flexible schedule. Our teachers are quick to promote the use of language, encourage movement, and create an environment that encourages social interactions.


When your child is all over the place, they’re discovering their world. Toddlers learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way. The activities for this age group are built around toddlers’ limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.


Routines are important for developing independence, so we provide opportunities to support each child’s individual needs. We encourage children to tackle routine tasks themselves, but still have educators on-hand for one-on-one time to provide comfort and reassurance.


Pre-Kinder Program

Providing exceptional developmental opportunities for children in the area, our mission is to offer children a strong, positive framework to strengthen their natural talents and meet future life challenges.

In our 3 year old program your child’s growing independence will be fostered, and their self-awareness and self-esteem nurtured. They will also be provided with developmentally appropriate activities and experiences for further challenge, and will be encouraged to explore relationships with others in a supportive and safe environment.


There is a greater emphasis on Social Development and Emotional regulation in these programs which helps to prepare children for attendance in 4 year old programs the following year.


Our 3 year old kindergarten program provides the opportunity for your child to socialise with an extended group of peers, and to participate in an educational program, developed and run by an Qualified Kindergarten Teacher, this program will enhance learning and overall development to meet the individual needs of each pre-school child enrolled in the centre.


Attending our 3 old pre-kinder program also has the added benefit of preparing your child for the transition into the preschool year.


4 Year Old Funded Kinder Program

Kindergarten is an important program for all 4-year-old children to attend, as it provides young children with the opportunities to improve skills that are important for life, and helps prepare them for school.

4 year old kindergarten is funded by the Department of Education and Training and it’s run a qualified kinder teacher. At Excellent Education & Care we provide discounted fee for 4 year old funded kinder throughout the year in order to support the children and the families in our community.

4 year old kindergarten aims to support children’s learning and development, social skills, emotional skills, language, literacy and numeracy skills, self-awareness and respect for others, ability to make new friends and exposes them to new ideas and concepts. Our exceptional kindergarten program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their schooling years.


Here, our kinder teacher strikes a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities. Our teachers in this program skilfully weave in academic goals and objectives as they build on what children can do, and challenge them to try new things. Our intentional teaching practices, thoughtfully designed learning environments and abundant educational resources ensure your child is immersed in rich and meaningful learning experiences.


Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, we support children to develop their skills and knowledge in areas such as early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills. Our children are encouraged to be independent decision makers whilst also developing their skills in co-operation and collaboration with their educators and peers.